Witter ZX504 4 Bike Carrier


Witter ZX504 4 Bike Carrier

ZX504 ZX504 Innovative towball Mounted Tilting 4 Bike Cycle Carrier
The NEW series of platform style cycle carriers from Witter. The ZX504 platform style cycle carrier from Witter takes up to four cycles of any size. The carrier clamps to a UK towball using a unique clamp down action and can be locked to the towball

ROLL-IT - Portable, the carrier can be easily moved around on built in wheels when not in use or when manoeuvring into position.
LOAD-IT - The carrier loads vertically onto the towball; this reduces back strain and makes the attachment incredibly simple with minimum effort.
CLAMP-IT - Using a unique clamp down action it fastens to the towball with the same force automatically every time it is lowered into position.
TILT-IT - The platform will tilt rearwards when in use to facilitate boot access with or without the cycles loaded.
USE-IT – Simple and easy to use, minimum effort to install, designed specifically for one person attachment without continuous adjustments.
FOLD-IT - The platforml folds up to reduce rearward clearance when not in use.
FLIP-IT - The lighting board can then be flipped down to display rearward.
DRIVE-IT - The vehicle can be driven with the carrier attached in the fold up position and can be locked to the towball. Increased security is ensured by support arms that will lock your bikes to to the carrier.

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Witter ZX504 4 Bike Carrier
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Bike Carrier
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