Essentials to pack for your next Campervan & Caravanning Trip!

Caravan & Motorhome Show 2019 | Manchester’s EventCity | 17 – 20 January 2019

When going on your first Campervan or Caravanning Holiday, it might seem a little daunting wondering what to pack- the idea of being in the wild outdoors can seem fun until you realise you have forgotten some of the essentials.... Here is a short list to help get you started.

If you are an expert in the world of Camping and Caravanning you will no doubt remember a time when you had forgotten something quite important. Thats the moment when you wish you had made a note of a few vital items before you left the comfort of your home town, the realisation of it being pitch black outside, potentially raining and probably not with in walking distance of your nearest supermarket, can be a very quick reminder that in fact organisation is very key when seeking adventure. We have put together a short list of items we think you will need to make your trip more enjoyable, relaxing and run smoothly so you can really focus on enjoying yourselves and the great outdoors.


1.) Warm Layers - We all know how unpredicable the british weather is, the sun might be beaming when you first set off but it could be torrential rain by the time it comes to setting up your camp. Socks, thermals, gloves, scarves, hats and jumpers are a great start! 

2.) Waterproof Layers - Same as the above but waterproof doesnt have to mean a puffer jacket, invest in an easy tuck away Cagoule that way you can whip it out when the rain starts on your lovely countryside walk.

3.) Flip Flops - This may seem bonkers as its unlikley you are off to the beach, but when you are on a camping or caravanning site and you need to use the shower or toilet facilities, you want something you can slip on and off your feet without then getting muddy toes as you walk back to your spot.

4.) Pillows - Seems obvious now, but the last thing you want when it comes to bedtime is realising you have to use your many winter layers as a make shift pillow- although of course it depends on how luxurious you want to make your time away. 

5.) Foldable Chairs - If you do get some sunshine, there is nothing better than sitting back in a foldable chair, sun on your face, sausages on the bbq and listening to the sound of pease and quiet.

6.) Rucksack - Best way for you to pack up stuff for those country walks, roll spare layers and stuff at the bottom and then layer up with your walking essentials. Spare socks are useful if your feet get wet, water, snacks and maybe a camera to capture those lovely moments. 

7.) Cooking items - Portable stove, grill, cutlery, utensils, pans etc. You need to be savvy with what you pack as of course it is unlikley you are going to be cooking a gourmet banquet on a portable stove but you also don't want to be mid dinner and realise you are going to have to use your fingers for your baked beans.

8.) Tea Towel - Obvious but a regularly forgotten item! Helpful when dealing with hot pans, cleaning up and having a hot plate on your lap.

9.) Washing up liquid and bowl - Unless you want to re-use your dirty plates,  pans and cutlery. Its always good to keep things clean when living in different conditions.

10.) Matches - For lighting that stove, if you have a power cut with your camp lights you may need to take a candle or two and obviously if you are planning on building a camp fire- if rubbing two sticks together doesn't work its nice to have them as a back up.

11.) Torch - Important- doesnt really need an explanation! Just dont forget extra batteries.

12.) Compass - Yes you may have taken your Iphone and think google maps is going to save you when you get lost, but its adviseable to have a back up. Those years of scouts could actually come in use.

13.) Map of local area - Similar reasons to above, its nice to know where you are and where you can go in an emergency. 

14.) Sunhat - That english sun can be surprisingly hot and you dont want to get sunstroke half way on your country walk.

15.) Insect Repellent - We have all had a mosquito bite at some point, they are not fun so take some repellent. Or another idea is a citronella Candle, smells lovely and its a great repelllent! Win win for everyone- except the bugs!

16.) Towels - You do not want to finally be having your first hot shower in 3 days and find you forgot your towel, also useful to take an old tatty towel to put on the floor when in the shower blocks to aviod slipping.

17.) Food - Think of some easy food,  snacks that dont require cooking, you may not have a fridge or a freezer.

18.) Sleeping bag - Of course you will need this if you are camping but if you have the space its an easy way to have another warm layer even if you are in a Campervan or Caravan.

19.) Hiking Boots - They are built for long walks and to protect your feet - trainers are not! 

20.) Water bottles - Its always a good idea to have a supply of fresh bottled water, you dont want to be tucked up in bed and have no water with the nearest tap being across a dark field.

21.) Portable phone charger - Not necessarily vital but it depends how far you are planning on going if you adventure away from your base, if you get lost or need emergency services your phone may be a real life line.


Hopefully this will be a good start to your packing prep - of course there are many things that we could and would like to take on our trip but the lack of space can be quite limiting.The most important thing of course is your safety, enjoying yourself and making fantastic memories with your friends and family.