Everything you wanted to know about caravanning but were afraid to ask!

Caravan & Motorhome Show 2019 | Manchester’s EventCity | 17 – 20 January 2019
Caravanning Questions

Caravanning is one of the UK's favourite past times with families and couples enjoying the freedom that this holiday brings. Back in the day caravanning, like most holidays, wasn't as plush as it is today. Gas lights and no heating or fridge was the norm and caravans were limited in their usage too. 

Come September most put their caravans into storage 'till the following April. Caravans were generally not as stable when towed and also cars were generally underpowered. Add to that, sites were usually poor in facilities and were limited to short seasons. 

Things have changed dramatically since those days, but amazingly the old image sticks for some. 


Aren’t caravans old fashioned and uncomfortable?


Let’s start off with tourers and what to expect - gone are the days of gas lights, glass windows, no heating or proper lighting. Caravans are now usable all year round making this type of holiday a great investment in leisure. The touring caravan comes with double glazing, ovens, blown air / wet central heating, showers, TV aerials, Radios/CD players, microwaves and full electrics for both mains and 12-volt power. Modern interiors come with domestic styled seating comfort and most tourers are also available with fixed beds too so no more bed making!

Washrooms have hygienic toilets with electric flush and cassette holding tanks, while showers and hand basins also are the norm. 


Isn’t towing a caravan really difficult and awkward?


Many people are put off with the idea of towing a caravan and believe that this is a skill which isn't easy to carry out. In fact the modern touring caravan now has a chassis / suspension system designed to be more stable and easy to hitch up to the car and most now have towing stability aids such as hitch stabilisers and electronic stability control systems. Towing courses are available to help new comers to learn reversing and general good towing tips – you can even get expert tuition at The Caravan & Motorhome Show by booking a free session at the Towing Experience with The Camping and Caravanning Club.



I’ve heard caravanning is only for the summer months…


Caravan sites have more facilities than ever including on site shops, hard-standing pitches and designated children's play areas and a secure environment - not to mention first class toilet / shower blocks. More sites are staying open 12 months of the year with sites being booked over Christmas and New Year as caravanners enjoy the virtues of caravanning in the winter months. With loads of friendly campsites open all year round, caravanning is also a great way to meet new friends and enjoy hobbies such as fishing, cycling and walking to name but a few. 

Getting the right caravan to match up with your car and selecting the right caravan for your needs will make your first caravanning experience even more enjoyable than ever. Caravanning is a home from home experience yet at the same time lets you explore the UK and further a field too. Freedom, and being able to enjoy weekends and longer breaks in your favourite areas, is what caravanning is all about.