Isabella International Camping Ltd

Introducing for 2018 the new North Nature Collection from Isabella and the Ventura AIR awnings:

The overall Isabella concept for the 2018 season is our new North Nature collection.  The collection is inspired by historic camping traditions, which were all about getting out, being at one with nature and enjoying each other's company.  It's an updated take on the simple life with fabulous, comfortable, awnings, tents and matching accessories, made for life in the great outdoors.  The tones of our North Nature collection are rustin and fully in keeping with the unique Nordic Vibe.  On display from the collection will be the Capri North, the Balder North Chair and footrest and the North tableware set, plus much more.

Another innovation is our new Ventura AIR awnings for both caravans and motorhomes.  An air awning equals smooth and easy set up and taken down and is therefore ideal for short vacations and outdoor experiences.  Ventura AIR takes the best air awning technics and combines it with quality fabrics and materials.  We introduce 4 new air awnings under the Ventura AIR umbrella.  They all have Latin names and are named after the 4 Ventura AIR characteristics:

Ventura Trinus - meaning travel

Ventura Cito - meaning fast

Ventura Vivo - meaning air/wind

Ventura Simplex - meaning simple

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