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Nick Butter

Nick Butter

Runner, Adventurer and Motivational Speaker

Nick Butter is an endurance runner, adventurer and motivational speaker. In 2019, Nick Butter became the first person to run a marathon in every country on Earth and wrote a book about his experience titled Running the World. In 2023, Nick has various record-breaking adventures to complete, including a circumnavigation of Bali and Iceland and he’ll also be running New Zealand (North to South).

In the spring of 2021, as the UK's latest pandemic lockdowns were lifted, Nick Butter set out from the Eden Project to become the fastest person to cover every mile of Britain's mainland coastline on foot. Battling the most extreme winds Britain had seen in a hundred years, days of torrential rain and the unrelenting hills of Western Scotland and Cornwall, Nick suffered two broken bones and countless injuries, whilst attempting to run two marathons a day, every day, for a hundred days.

Covering an extraordinary 5,240 miles, running for over twelve hours a day, struggling to take in the eight thousand daily calories required to fuel his body, Nick battled sleep deprivation and extreme weight loss as he pushed his body and mind to their limit.

Supported by close friends and family, Nick experienced spiralling lows and euphoric highs. As he traversed footpaths, country lanes and busy A roads, he passed through over two thousand coastal communities, buoyed along by supporters cheering from windows, balconies, passing cars and pavements, by school children and fellow runners, and by the stunning sights and sounds of the British coast.