“It’s always been a very positive experience which is why we’re a repeat attender. We’re the only manufacturer that actually attends this show.”

Richard Smeaton, Swift


“It’s a good time of the year as people are starting to think about holidays so we get to meet customers who we get to do business with throughout the season.”

Ben Holland, Spinney


“Most of the customers who attend are from the local area. We’re not too far away ourselves so if you can buy a product from nearer to where you live, it’s certainly better for the dealer, better for the customer, and helps us give a better service to the customer.”

Jason Ashley, Kimberley


“We get a huge amount of sales from the EventCity show, especially with it being so close to our brand. It kicks off the show season for us so it’s a good start point.”

Charlotte Campbell, Preston Caravans & Motorhomes


“We have customers who come weeks after the show. As long as you properly put the work in here and now, even if the customer is not buying today, they will still remember us in the future.”

Richard Walsh, Lowdhams


“I always support the show every year – it gets out name out there, it gets the brand out there and people then know of us.”

Paul Maley, Emm-Bee


“The show has been fantastic – we will definitely be coming back here next year.”

Brian Laing, Glossop Caravans