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21 Dec 2023

Adria Coral 600 SL

Geoff Cox Stand: A35
  • Adria Coral 600 SL
  • Adria Coral 600 SL
  • Adria Coral 600 SL
Adria Coral 600 SL Adria Coral 600 SL Adria Coral 600 SL

The new Adria Coral Acess 600 SL

Spacious Interior: Adria motorhomes are known for their well-designed and spacious interiors, providing comfortable living spaces.

Sleeping Accommodations: The Coral Axess 600 SL typically offers sleeping accommodations for a family or group of travelers. This includes a fixed double or twin bed at the rear, convertible dinette area, and additional sleeping options.

Kitchen: A fully equipped kitchen with a stove, sink, refrigerator, and storage space for cooking and dining.

Bathroom Facilities: A private bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.

Dining Area: A comfortable dining area with seating and a table, located in the front of the motorhome.

Storage: Adequate storage solutions for clothing, supplies, and personal items.

Entertainment: Entertainment options, which may include a TV, radio, and multimedia system.

Heating and Cooling: Truma Combi Heater system to ensure comfort in all seasons.

Exterior Features: Features an awning, exterior storage compartments, and access points, camera.

Safety Features: Safety equipment such as airbags, seat belts, ESP & Traction+

Power Options: Electrical systems and hookup options for power supply.

Water and Plumbing: Water tanks, and wastewater management.

Insulation: Insulated walls and windows for temperature regulation

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